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Our mission is, to connect with Africans living in Africa or living in the diaspora. To guide them, to do trade vice versa, to network and to bring the world together. Because we strongly believe that Africa as a continent has a lot of potential to offer to the globe.

Our vision is, that through networking, contacting with each other, exchange ideas, learn from each other and work together (Pamoja) this world can be a better place. Like the philosophy of Nelson Mandela "UBUNTU", meaning: “I am who I am because you are".

Our aim is, to give African people living in Africa or living in the diaspora a fair chance for education, a job, no poverty, a human life. The people we support in whatever way, have all different kinds of educations, backgrounds, professions. Through our large and reliable network for 20 years globally orientated we can achieve a lot and we do it Pamoja.

This website is a platform and showcase for African people to get the  opportunity to expose themselves. To develop their skills and become financial independent. Especially for African people living in the diaspora, it is very hard to survive and integrate in another culture especially when their families back in Africa count on their support in whatever way.

We have made a selective choice of products and people where we believe in. Because if you do not believe in what you portray you can't sell or promote it.

Moringa Oleifera The Miracle Tree
Fresh Organic Moringa Powder from Kenya

Good Afro Fusion Music

King Fanatic is a very talented upcoming African Artist, he composes his own music and writes his own lyrics.
The music style is Afro fusion and bongo fleva with a mixture of all different styles of African music. His music is loved all over the world with a good beat where you can dance the night away. As a performer he is a natural talent with a breathtaking voice.
When you listen to his music, you can’t sit still.

I started music when I was at a small age of 10 most of the time you could see me singing and mimicking famous musicians, when I was young I remember I was able to crum a song in a few days when it’s out and sing it line after line. When I was in High school I met some friends who we decided to create our music group was then called: BLACK MOON MASELA and that was my first time in studio the first song we recorded was WE AIM SO HIGH, it did well and many people liked it!

Think Local, Eat Global

Get a taste of the authentic local culture by joining ResiRest and support the locals! ResiRest is an exciting global travel platform, that connects locals and travelers all over the world through local home dining experiences.

When you are traveling, often travelers wanna discover true local culture on the local way. Supported by our qualified, local agents, we bring you as a traveler to local families. Our local families prepare a traditional meal for you, or together with you, whatever you like!

Enjoy a lovely, unique experience and even more important, support the locals by joining their dinner for a small price. By opening their doors and having dinner together with travelers, ResiRest enables local families to increase their income and social welfare in a reliable and safe way, without making big investments.
ResiRest builds a bridge between travelers and locals, by offering an exciting, fun and user-friendly global travel platform, supported by qualified local agents.

We've got you covered. Whether you're looking for a luxury safari trip, an extended cross-country camping adventure, a few days with dignitaries, a school group trip or something in between, we would love to take you on your journey. We are a boutique travel local company and will design a trip especially for you around your needs. Give us deadlines and budgets or let us get creative and go wild. We'll figure out what you want so you can have the experience of a lifetime.

From the Savannah grasslands and pristine sandy beaches, to the snow covered peaks of Mount Kenya Rock Agama Tours takes you on an experience of a lifetime. Our aim is to provide an experience that brings you up close to the wildlife, people, cultures and the breathtaking vistas that only Africa can provide.

Our Kenyan safari’s venture deep into game reserve and national parks that contain high concentration of big game, including iconic creatures such as lion, leopard, Rhino, wildebeest and elephant. Meet with the local tribes to learn about their traditions and life inextricably tied to life in the savannah. Kenya is home to the Maasai Mara, Samburu reserve, Amboseli just to name but a few.

Fashion High Tea richt de pijlen op het samenbrengen van verschillende culturen in Nederland samen met het Nederlandse social platform om te netwerken, ideeën uit te wisselen en misschien zelfs zaken doen samen. De opbrengsten van deze evenementen gaan naar een goed doel naar keuze. De evenementen bevatten modeshows, high tea, entertainment, loterijen waarmee je verschillende prijzen kan winnen (aangeboden door onze geweldige partners) en de kans om te shoppen bij onze verschillende producten en services bij onze boetiek standjes. Dit evenement gaat jaarlijks worden gehouden, om verschillende goede doelen over de hele wereld te funderen. Doe mee voor een leuke en goed-gevulde middag en maak een verschil voor de levens van de minderbedeelden.



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