Marion van de Voort is the founder and director of MV Afrika Consultancy.

November 2th 2011 Stichting Pamoja Kenia was established and officially registered

Marion has won several awards and received several letters of appreciation for her WATER and Sanitation projects in Kenya. Marion believes, that everybody in the world needs acces to WATER, a hygienic toilet and a clean shower.

Marion is an entrepreneur since 2000, over the years she has build up a huge network globally. She has been travelling all over the world, has seen a lot of poverty and her dream has always been to make the world a better place. After the success so far with her foundation she decided to change her company name MV Management Support into MV Afrika Consultancy.

Marion wants to give African people in Africa and in general and African people living in the diaspora more opportunities to be successful in life and to be able to fulfil their dreams.